Q: Is it really only $49 for photos and slide show virtual tour?

A: Yes. The only time it might be more is if there is a drive fee.

Q: Why do you charge a drive fee on some homes?

A: We give each home 30 minutes of travel time. When we schedule for the day we schedule the most efficient route possible. By doing this, most home are 30 minutes or less from each other. So if your home is more than 30 minutes, we need to charge more for the additional time.

Q: Why do the photos make some rooms look bigger?

A: We think seeing the whole room is more important than seeing a very small portion of the room. So with that being said, we use a wide angle lens. With this lens we are able to get at least 3 walls in one shot. Now your buyers can see how the room is laid out.

Q: You say you will take up to 40 photos. How do I know how many I will get?

A: When we shoot a house we shoot until we feel we covered everything in the home.

Every home is a different size. Condos & Townhouse generally take 20-30 photos. Homes from 1300-2000 square feet generally take 25-35 photos. Homes from 2000-2800 square feet square feet generally take 30-40 photos. Home 2800+ square feet 40+ photos.