Why Us

Here at WalkthruPhoto we see taking photos of your home as the first step of your marketing plan.
Here is how we can help with your marketing of your listing.
During your listing presentation you can tell your client that you will not take the photos yourself you will have a professional photographer take the photos. (Click here for the Handout).

Here is the scenario that probably happens a lot. You are at the listing presentation and clients decide that they want you as their realtor. Then you whip out your camera and start taking photos.  The home is most likely not ready and you know you will have to go back and retake the photos. 

So my questions to you are:

  • How much is your time worth?
  • Is the quality of your photos the same or better than a professional photographer?

We can schedule the shoot with the home owners or you.
We  have a Keypad and can let ourselves in; no one needs to be there.
This saves time for you and your home owner because you don't need to be there.

We take the photos with a professional camera not a point and shoot.
Our lenses are wider so we can get more of the room.
You can see more detail with our photos (it's like going from your old TV to a new HDTV).
We can even make the darkest room look naturally bright.
The photos are high quality every time.

The virtual tour can be added to the MLS.
The virtual tour can be added to your website.
Send it to a email.

Our Philosophy

Just because you can take a photo, does not mean you should take it.
All photos tell you something.
Don't take a photo if it does not add to the story you want to tell.
A dark photo is worse than taking no photo.
Take all photos at the highest quality.